Virtual Reality Module for the FLOAT

The FLOAT – our 3-dimensional dynamic body weight support system – is now available with a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) Module. Our VR extension complements the FLOAT’s core features perfectly and enables patients to exercise in a task-oriented environment. Moreover, VR provides a motivating and entertaining setup for your patients where exercises are never boring or monotonous. 

Enhancing Gait Rehabilitation

With the FLOAT + VR you can elevate your gait rehabilitation practice to another level, providing patients more effective training in a safe environment:

  • the FLOAT provides fall-protection and at the same time dynamic body weight support
  • exercises are task-specific and goal-oriented which in turn can speed up motor learning
  • patients receive real-time visual and auditory feedback that is shown to facilitate faster recovery
  • each exercise has been designed with the “activities of daily living” approach in mind
  • all exercises use scoring as incentive to motivate and challenge patients

From Easy to Challenging

We have created our VR exercises in a way that it fits to every patient’s needs. There are different exercises and different difficulty levels within each exercise to cater for the patient’s progress. Your patients can train walking, balance, sidesteps, turning, parkour, crossing a street or picking up items from the floor.

Would you like to get to know more about the Virtual Reality module?

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