Reha-Slide & Reha-Slide Duo

Reha-Slide and Reha-Slide Duo are simple, state-of-the-art therapy assisting devices for evidence based, repetitive exercises of the upper extremity. The devices offer movements for adduction, abduction, ante- and retroversion of the shoulder, extension and flexion of the ellbow as well as dorsalextension and palmarflexion of the wrist. 

Both devices offer complementary training possibilities. Reha-Slide is more suitable for heavily affected patients where the healthy arm guides the paretic arm; while Reha-Slide Duo is recommended for already more mobile patients to improve coordination between the paretic and the healthy arm.


  • For heavily paretic patients
  • Allows to motivate heavily affected patients to actively participate in a therapy session
  • The guiding of the paretic arm activates mirror neurons and initiates an independent movement of the impaired arm

Reha-Slide Duo

  • For more mobile patients
  • Both arms can be trained independently
  • Allows to train the coordination of both arms when the paretic arm has regained a partial ability to move independently

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