The human hand is our primary means to interact with our environment. Without this ability, we are subject to significant restrictions. We include this most important human instrument of interaction to our focus of the therapy of the severely affected arm. To optimize the recovery of sensory and motor abilities we complete our portfolio of rehabilitation devices with the Reha-Digit. The Reha-Digit fills a gap in the rehabilitation of the upper extremity. With our new device, we address the treatment of plegic fingers. It can be used in neurorehabilitation, after hand surgery or in Orthopedics.

This product is currently being revised. We will inform you as soon as the new version is available.

Passive stimulus for the fingers

The Reha-Digit stimulates the mechanoreceptors of the hand. The device can also apply vibration stimuli and pressure and can vary the speed to restore sensory and motor capabilities.

Mobilizing finger joints

The smooth movements of the Reha-Digit gently and continuously move the fingers which leads to an improved blood circulation and thus an improved function of the metabolism. This also removes pent-up lymph and leads to an improved mobility of the fingers and the complete hand.

Reduced spasticity

The repetitive and continuous movements and the gentle vibration of the Reha-Digit reduce spasticity in the fingers. The reduced muscle tonus allows a significantly smoother movement.

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