Nine Hole Peg Test

Assessment is an integral part of state-of-the-art Occupational Therapy. The Nine Hole Peg Test offers a simple way of measuring the upper extremity’s function, especially with neurologically impaired patients. In addition, it allows to make therapy progress visible for the patient and easy to document for the therapist.

The Reha-Stim Nine Hole Peg Test expands the offering of assessment tests for clinical use. Similar to the Box & Block Test and the ARAT the NHPT meets the need for easily applicable assessment systems in daily clinical routine. The NHPT is intuitive and doesn’t take long to perform. It can thus be easily integrated into therapy sessions. The use of wooden blocks and pegs made of stainless steel grant longevity and hygienic cleaning.

Benefits for Patients

  • Therapy progress becomes visible and measurable
  • Easy before / after comparison
  • Simple and comfortable use
  • Portable

Benefits for Therapists

  • Test doesn’t take long and can easily be integrated in sessions
  • Fast assessment of patient status quo
  • Suitable for an easy and indicative progress monitoring

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