Gait Trainer GT II

The end effector based Gait Trainer GT II offers a safe, intensive and repetitive locomotion therapy and thus an ideal and cost efficient training for heavily affected neurological and orthopedic patients. The GT II is based on the well known GT I which has been scientifically proven in extended studies and in clinical use for more than 20 years.

Safe training environment

Several redundant safety mechanisms ensure an absolutely safe environment for patients which allows a training without fear to get injured.

Learning through frequent repetitive movements

Frequent repetitive movements activate the various locomotion centers in our body and enable a motor learning. Continuous repetition of step sequences automates walking again and helps the patient to regain confidence in the ability to walk.

Spasticity reduction

The frequent repetitions with the Gait Trainer reduce possible spasticities and the probability for new spasticities to happen is significantly reduced.

An upright body means vitality

Gait training is performed with an upright body, which positively influences several body functions:

  • cardial stamina and endurance
  • general metabolism
  • higher bone density
  • improved intestinal peristalsis

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