Box & Block Test

With the proven Box & Block-Test, Reha-Stim offers an inexpensive and reliable way to reconcile scientific work with the realities of clinical practice. Whether you want to use it at your hospital or prefer your patients to test themselves independently at their homes – the Box & Block-Tests allow a variety of applications. According to your requirements, we offer the Box & Block-Test in two variants. Our stationary version is robust and lower priced. The mobile version is easier to transport, understated and space-saving.

Benefits for Patients

  • Therapy progress becomes measurable
  • Reliable and easy before / after comparison
  • Tests are close to activities of daily living
  • Can be done at home

Benefits for Therapists

  • Test doesn’t take long and can easily be integrated in sessions
  • Fast assessment of patient status quo
  • Suitable for an easy and indicative progress monitoring

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