The end-effector based Gait Trainer GT II offers safe, intensive and repetitive locomotion therapy providing effective gait training for early-stage rehabilitation of impaired neurological and orthopedic patients. The GT II is based on the well-established GT I, the pioneer in end-effector gait training, developed by Prof. Stefan Hesse in the late 90’s. In clinical use for more than 20 years, the GT I has a proven and established history as documented by scientific studies and extensive use in leading medical facilities world-wide. 

It really works! In 2007, results from the DEGAS (German Multicenter Gait Training Study) have been published showing that 20 min gait training with GT I (the previous Gait Trainer model) together with 25 min physiotherapy has increased the chances of stroke patients to walk again by 150% in comparison to those who only received physiotherapy.

Since then many scientific publication as well as two Cochrane reviews showed the effectiveness of the Gait Trainer.

One of the most cost-effective, scientifically-proven solutions on the market. 

  • -30% vs Lyra
  • -50% vs G-EO
  • -40% vs Lexo
  • and lower maintenance costs

The GT II can be operated by a single therapist. The electric lifter allows patients to be set up within a couple minutes and hence can increase the number of patients treated per day. Knee, hip and back support help keeping the patient in a natural position with minimum help from the therapist. Adjustable body weight support accommodates early-stage rehabilitation patients.

The GT II is the by far most compact device amongst all gait trainers in the market. With only 87'' length, less than 40'' width, it can be used in practically every therapy room. Heavily impaired patients can be lifted into the device directly from a wheel chair in front of the device.

The GT II has been built to last. With over 20 years of proven durability, low maintenance costs, quite operation and research backed outcomes, It’s obvious why the GT II has more installations in medical facilities around the world’s than all the other end-effector gait trainers combined.

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