Gait Trainer GT II

Developed for clinical use by practitioners

The end effector based Gait Trainer GT II offers a safe, intensive and repetitive locomotion therapy and thus an ideal and cost efficient
training for heavily affected neurological and orthopedic patients. 

The GT II is based on the well known GT I which has shown positive
results in extended studies and in clinical use for more than 20 years.

Strong scientific evidence

End effector based training has proven to be superior to conventional therapy and showed significantly better improvements in the ability to walk, walking speed and strength in the lower extremities in broad based studies over the past 20 years.

In addition, end effector based training has proven to be superior to exoskeleton based training for hemiparetic patients and is also suited to help elderly people to train their muscle strength.

The Gait Trainer has been the subject of a vast pool of scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of the device in lower extremity rehabilitation. Among others, strong evidence based and widely-accepted Cochrane reviews and 15+ scientific publications.

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Gait therapy made easy, yet more effective

Therapy time is precious, so don’t waste it!

  • The GT II is made to get set up and started fast thus ensuring optimal use of therapy time
  • A convenient electric lifter ensures a short setup time and puts less strain on therapists
  • A touch display with intuitive user interface and easy handling allows the therapist to focus on the patient and not on the device.
  • The training intensity can be individually optimized during the session.
  • A nearly natural gait pattern and support for gait typical horizontal and vertical movement ensure high effectiveness.

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The perfect solution for your gait therapy needs

Highly cost effective

One of the most cost-effective solutions for locomotion therapy on the market.

Robust and low maintenance

The GT II has been built to last. It’s very durable due to its robust mechanics and requires low maintenance.

Intuitive user interface
and easy handling

The GT II has a convenient, easy-to-use and state-of-the-art touch screen user interface.

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