The Gait Studio

Solutions for Gait Training with Body Weight Support

«Learning to walk by walking» – following the mantra of Prof. Dr. S. Hesse we offer a comprehensive gait studio comprising the next generation of the GT I and the unique 3-dimensional overground gait training system The FLOAT as well as a treadmill, all with adjustable BWS. The goal is to improve the ability of patients to relearn walking by repetitive and intensive training with flexible training programs in a safe environment.

Gait Trainer GT II

The scientifically proven, end effector based Gait Trainer GT II for repetitive locomotion therapy is ideal for heavily affected neurological and orthopedic patients.

The FLOAT & FLOAT Compact

The innovative FLOAT & FLOAT Compact are dynamic multidirectional overhead body weight support (BWS) systems that offer new opportunities for the training of everyday activities.

Callis Treadmills

The robust and long-lasting Sprintex Callis slat-belt treadmills are ideally suited for re-gaining and maintaining the walking ability and training muscle strength with low impact forces on the body.

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Therapy assisting devices from Reha-Stim

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