FLOAT compact

Safe gait training when space is limited

When space is limited, the FLOAT compact system with a single track offers a top notch body weight support system with unique capabilities at affordable cost. In particular, the smooth control leaves the patient with a free comfortable feeling during training while ensuring safety and gentle support when needed. The unique gentle floating behavior of the system and the ability to apply a horizontal forward force supports natural posture and gait kinematics.

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Space saving design - still no compromise in functionality

The FLOAT compact offers all key functionalities and easy handling of the standard FLOAT system, e.g. a free undisturbed gait training with a uniquely smooth body weight support or different training sessions and safe fall protection.

One single track for smaller rooms allows a space saving installation. It even allows to walk outside the vertical line within a certain range.

FLOAT compact supports patients up to 185kg weight and 2m height.

Therapists have free access to the patient without the need to carry the weight of the patient thus ensuring a maximum effectiveness of the training and less strain for therapists.

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Safe training scenarios for “Activities of Daily Living”

The unique freedom of the FLOAT allows to combine the system with a treadmill or tools like stairs, ramps or balance plates.

The dynamic Body Weight Support enables a correct posture while exercising a broad range of training scenarios, including sit-to-stand exercises or walking up and down stairs.

A dynamic fall protection ensures a safe training environment for the patient at any time.

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Gait Therapy made easy, yet effective –
The FLOAT saves time and resources

The FLOAT is easy to set up and can be handled with only one therapist where traditionally two therapists are needed.

Options such as touch displays on walls and a mobile handheld allow the therapist to focus on the patient and not on handling the system.

Horizontal forward forces as well as the ability to train balance allow to challenge the patient and improve training intensity while keeping a safe environment.

Enabling new ways of gait and balance training!

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