Evaluation Methods​

Evaluation is an essential part of modern occupational therapy. For a quick identification of the strengths and deficits of the patients and the resulting therapy as well as for the measurement of the patients’ progress, evaluation methods offer valuable insights. 


Validated quick assessment of your patient’s paretic arm’s functional disabilities. The test offers an uncomplicated and comprehensive feedback on their progress in the function of their arm, hand and finger functions. The test includes 19 tasks in 4 subgroups and can be performed within ten to fifteen minutes. The simple setup allows an easy and smooth integration into therapy sessions.

Box & Block Test

With the proven Box & Block-Test, Reha-Stim offers an inexpensive and reliable way to reconcile scientific work with the realities of clinical practice. Whether you want to use it at your hospital or prefer your patients to test themselves independently at their homes – the Box & Block-Tests allow a variety of applications. According to your requirements, we offer the Box & Block-Test in two variants. Our stationary version is robust and lower priced. The mobile version is easier to transport, understated and space-saving.

Nine Hole Peg Test

Assessment is an integral part of state-of-the-art Occupational Therapy. The Nine Hole Peg Test offers a simple way of measuring the upper extremity’s function, especially with neurologically impaired patients. In addition, it allows to make therapy progress visible for the patient and easy to document for the therapist.

The Reha-Stim Nine Hole Peg Test expands the offering of assessment tests for clinical use. Similar to the Box & Block Test and the ARAT the NHPT meets the need for easily applicable assessment systems in daily clinical routine. The NHPT is intuitive and doesn’t take long to perform. It can thus be easily integrated into therapy sessions. The use of wooden blocks and pegs made of stainless steel grant longevity and hygienic cleaning.

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