Press Release: the FLOAT with VR

Reha-Stim Medtec, Inc. introduces Virtual Reality to The FLOAT, the world’s first 3-Dimensional Body Weight Support System for Physical Rehabilitation.


Reha-Stim Medtec, Inc. manufacturers of the world’s first 3-Dimensional Body Weight Support System, The FLOAT, now combines Virtual Reality with The FLOAT for helping neurologically impaired patients regain and improve their ability to walk.


Reha-Stim Medtec, Inc., a leading physical rehabilitation provider and manufacturer of the world’s first robotic 3-Dimensional body weight support system announces the introduction of the new FLOAT with VR


The FLOAT is the world’s first Robotic 3-Dimensional overhead Body Weight Support System and can off-set a patient’s body weight by up to 200 lbs. allowing patients to move freely about the therapy area.  The FLOAT 3D movement capabilities allow gait, balance, getting up from a chair or off the floor and other Activities of Daily Living to be practiced in real-world environments while eliminating the risk of falling.

Now the FLOAT with VR with the new Virtual Reality (VR) feature can provide an even more effective and enjoyable rehabilitation experience. The FLOAT combined with its new therapy specific virtual reality capability, allows the FLOAT with VR to address all 10 of the physical medicine program principals found to be important for delivering the best patient outcomes for motor recovery.


The FLOAT’S new VR capabilities is specifically built for rehabilitation of Neurological patients and capitalizes on the advantages of technology to implement neuroscientifically grounded protocols. Research shows that Virtual Reality specifically developed for physical therapy environments showed a significant impact on body function of stroke patients.


“The FLOAT with VR This type of Real-World mobility therapy helps patients reach their highest level of independence and quality of life possible” said Don Gronachan, VP of Reha-Stim Medtec, North America.