RehaClinic Bad Zurzach is the first provider of The Float-supported therapies in Aargau

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Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, February 19, 2018

RehaClinic Bad Zurzach is the first provider of The Float-supported therapies in Aargau

RehaClinic Bad Zurzach expands its rehabilitation devices: The FLOAT is a novel and unique body weight support system for a safe three-dimensional overground gait training

RehaClinic Bad Zurzach equips its rehabilitation facilities with The FLOAT system. This completes their robotic and electromechanical-assisted rehabilitation devices with a multi-dimensional overground gait training system. The FLOATsupports patients in regaining their walking abilities in a safe environment allowing modern and novel therapeutic training approaches.



The FLOAT is a dynamic, multidirectional, bodyweight supported locomotion device used in gait training after stroke and by patients suffering from e.g. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and incomplete spinal cord injury. Within the continuum of neurorehabilitation stages from acute to chronic phase The FLOAT stimulates the restoration of walking abilities supporting the individual patient’s capabilities und therapeutic interventions.

The FLOAT was developed by Lutz Medical Engineering AG (LME) in Switzerland in collaboration with leading hospitals in the field of rehabilitation.


Cooperation of LME with RehaClinic AG

In addition to the installation of The FLOAT, a joint research cooperation with RehaClinic Bad Zurzach for feasibility studies and training procedures for stroke and multiple sclerosis patients will be established. The FLOAT is an open system which allows producing reproducible data for research purposes.

RehaClinic Bad Zurzach is part of the RehaClinic Group, the largest provider of rehabilitation and prevention in Switzerland. RehaClinic Bad Zurzach has 210 beds and offers rooms equipped according to the most modern standards. The application and combination of cutting edge technologies and treatments characterize the clinical performance. Likewise RehaClinic can exhibit strong scientific experience from international studies, e.g. by the participation in CERISE project, a clinical multicenter trial in neurorehabilitation. The beautiful and quiet location on the edge of the historic market town Bad Zurzach as well as richly bubbling thermal spring water offer best conditions for a relaxing and effective rehabilitation. For more information, please visit the RehaClinic website


LME is committed to rehabilitation research

LME has a track record of successful installations in the field of rehabilitation research. The company has already delivered similar equipment to The BALGRIST (Switzerland), CHUV (Switzerland), Santa Lucia (ITALY) and Khalifa University (UAE) and many others. Recently, LME has entered a strategic partnership with Reha-Stim Medtec AG to combine their teams to offer a comprehensive rehabilitation device portfolio to their customers. For more information about LME, please visit the website


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