Rehaklinik Bellikon expands its rehabilitation equipment with The FLOAT

Bellikon, Switzerland, February 21, 2018/ The Rehaklinik Bellikon has decided to purchase a new The FLOAT system to complement the existing robotic and electromechanical-assisted rehabilitation support equipment with a multi-dimensional overground gait training system to help patients to regain walking abilities in a safe environment allowing new and novel therapeutic training approaches.

The FLOAT is a dynamic, multidirectional, overhead body weight support (BWS) system. As a locomotion device used in gait training after stroke and by patients suffering from e.g. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and incomplete spinal cord injury. Within the continuum of neurorehabilitation stages from acute to chronic phase The FLOAT seems to be an ideal device for recovery of walking supporting the individual patient’s capabilities und therapeutic interventions. It’s unique flexibility to adjust to the patient’s needs grands as the ideal complement for faster and more efficient gait rehabilitation after an initial training with an electromechanically assisted device like the Gait Trainer.

The FLOAT was developed by Lutz Medical Engineering AG (LME) in Switzerland in collaboration with leading hospitals in the field of rehabilitation.

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LME has a track record of successful installations in the field of rehabilitation research. The company has already delivered similar equipment to The BALGRIST (Switzerland), CHUV (Switzerland), Santa Lucia (ITALY) and Khalifa University (UAE) and many others. LME has recently entered a strategic partnership with Reha-Stim Medtec AG to combine their teams to offer a comprehensive rehabilitation device portfolio to their customers. For more information about LME please visit