The Company

Reha-Stim Medtec is a family of companies dedicated to the development of user focused modern rehabilitation devices that assist therapists in their daily work.

We combine scientific and clinical experience in the rehabilitation of patients after stroke or incomplete paraplegia as well as after orthopedic surgery with technological progress and translate it into state-of-the-art,
and even more importantly, easy-to-use and practical rehabilitation devices.

The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.



It all started in 1999 in Berlin with a team around Prof. Dr. Stefan Hesse that developed a series of devices for the rehabilitation of upper and lower limbs and tested these devices extensively in clinical use.

In 2017 we merged our activities with the Swiss based YouRehab AG to form Reha-Stim Medtec AG. We remain committed to develop new therapy assisting devices to support doctors and therapists in their daily work to help patients regain their ability to move. First joint products are the Bi-Manu-Trainer, a VR-based arm and finger training system, ad the next generation of the Gait Trainer, the GT II.

In 2017 we also entered a strategic partnership with the LME AG in Switzerland to exclusively represent The FLOAT for worldwide marketing and sales. The FLOAT is a new and unique 3-dimensional overground gait training system and was developed in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Armin Curt and Dr. Marc Bolliger at the Balgrist in Zurich. The FLOAT is based on leading scientific research and is recognized as a breakthrough innovation for rehabilitation training. It has been increasingly included in scientific studies with promising results since its introduction.


In 2018 we opened a new R&D center in Bozen, Italy, where we will develop new devices in close collaboration with a local leading rehabilitation hospital to ensure practical usability of our devices.

In 2019 the Germany based Sprintex GmbH joined the family with their leading slat-belt treadmills that offer an ideal low impact treadmill training for patients. Sprintex was established in 1994 and has a track record of 25 years with robust and effective slat-belt treadmills for rehabilitation as well as fitness applications. Sprintex treadmills are known for a smooth and quiet running with a proprietary air-cushioning slat-belt technology to reduce impact on patients.


Geographical expansion

In 2019 we also established a US sales office with Reha-Stim Medtec Inc. based in Boston, Massachusetts.

This adds a local representation in the world’s largest market and complements our headquarter in Switzerland and our office in Germany.


We are committed to help regain the ability to walk and to move the upper limbs of patients with a neurological, paraplegic or orthopedic impairment of their ability to move. 

Following Stefan Hesse’s mantra “Who wants to relearn walking needs to walk”, all our devices are focused on effective practical use – out of the clinic for the clinic.

The team around Prof. Dr. Stefan Hesse, a leading pioneer of modern neurorehabilitation devices, developed devices such as the Gait Trainer GT I, the Arm Trainer Bi-Manu-Track or the Finger Trainer Reha-Digit.

Prof. Dr. Armin Curt of the Balgrist and his team in Zurich inspired and partnered in the development of The FLOAT, a novel and unique 3-dimensional overground walking training system.

Our products are designed to help increase the intensity of patient training in a safe environment. Our therapy assisting solutions are based on scientific research and clinical experience as well as patient and therapist feedback.

Scientific studies provide strong evidence for the success of our approach for device supported rehabilitation after stroke, incomplete paraplegia, brain trauma, MS, cerebral paresis or orthopedic surgery.



We partner with leading scientists at the Balgrist Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, around Prof. Dr. Armin Curt and Dr. Marc Bolliger.

A partnership with the Villa Melitta rehabilitation hospital in Bozen, Italy, around Dr. Andreas Waldner ensures practical usability of all our devices for both patient and therapists.

Our PT office partner, the Autonomiezentrum Aschaffenburg, Germany, around Björn Stritzinger, ensures a thorough testing of all our devices with the perspective of a practitioner in a PT office thus complementing an all-around perspective for our device development.

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