Callis Ortho

The Callis Ortho has been developed specifically for motion analysis and orthopedic training. The slat-belt technology enables a precise speed control without a typical slippage of the traditional treadmills while the open hand rail makes it easy to add a video analysis module. 

Innovative slat-belt technology

The Callis treadmills are based on a unique slat-belt running surface, the s²ap®. Slat belts’ advantage over traditional conveyor-type treadmill belts lies in their ability to absorb the impact when the foot hits the belt, providing a much more comfortable and natural gait training.

Callis slat-belts sit on 114 ball bearings that enable a fully frictionless movement of the running surface. Eliminating friction between the running surface and the frame ensures durability and reduced service time. Not to mention the significantly smaller energy consumption.

The advantage of slat belts

Slat belts provide a number of advantages over traditional conveyor-type of treadmill belts:

  • shock absorption takes load off of the joints and muscles
  • frictionless movement of the belts  – thank to the 114 ball bearings that move the belt ahead – makes slat-belt treadmills  much more reliable, since the belts don’t wear off that fast
  • due to the toothed pulley type of design, the is no horizontal slippage or need to adjust the tension of the belt
For more information download the datasheet!

More accurate analysis

The Callis Ortho has been equipped with specific functionalities such as reverse mode and downhill walking mode that can be leveraged by orthopedic coordination training. The permanent white marking in the middle of the belt enables a precise motion capture analysis. 

With Callis Ortho you can measure gait characteristics more accurately and precisely than with traditional treadmills.

Convenient user interface

All Callis treadmills come with a modern touch terminal that is easy to use for both the therapist and the patient. Beside the standard speed, inclination, distance, time and pulse information, the terminal also has an emergency stop button.

Additionally, a fixed or removable handrail control-pad gives the therapist an easy access to control the training without disturbing the patient.

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Download the Callis Ortho Datasheet!