Callis slat-belt treadmills for rehabilitation

The Callis slat-belt treadmills have been specifically designed to provide the most natural gait experience. Slat-belts – in opposite to traditional conveyor-type treadmills – can absorb 90% of the impact during walking, making it the ideal choice for rehabilitation.

The innovation of Sprintex slat-belt technology

The Callis treadmills are based on a unique slat-belt running surface, the s²ap®. Slat belts’ advantage over traditional conveyor-type treadmill belts lies in their ability to absorb the impact when the foot hits the belt, providing a much more comfortable and natural gait training.

Callis slat-belts sit on 114 ball bearings that enable a fully frictionless movement of the running surface. Eliminating friction between the running surface and the frame ensures durability and a reduced maintenance time. Not to mention the significantly smaller energy consumption.


why Callis slat-belt treadmills are the best choice for rehabilitation


The slat belts absorb 90% of the impact, preventing further deterioration of the lower extremities and reduce muscle fatigue


No horizontal slippage and the significant shock absorption provide a more natural gait environment


Absolute zero starting speed and 0.1 mph (0.1 km/h) increments ensures a smooth and risk-free increase of training intensity


The slat belt running surface lasts for many years without a single belt change


The frictionless ball bearing transport system of the slat-belts have a significantly lower energy consumption

CALLIS Therapie

For ambulatory patients


For heavily impaired patients

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