The Bi-Manu-Trainer supports patients with sensory-motor and cognitive impairment during rehabilitation. It provides interactive uni- and bimanual training exercises with focus on visuomotor finger, hand and arm coordination using Virtual Reality based games and sophisticated sensor technology. The game-based learning approach leads to high patient motivation resulting in higher training intensity.

High patient motivation through game-based learning & augmented feedback

Challenging therapeutic training games lead to high patient motivation and ensure a long-lasting patient adherence. This approach leads to an up to three times higher intensity compared to conventional therapy.

Visual feedback supports the therapist and allows independent training

The intuitive software is easy-to-use for every patient and visualizes the training success. It thus supports therapists with a direct feedback to the patient. The compact design and simple setup of the Bi-Manu-Trainer allows an independent training of patients saving time for therapists.

Pressure sensor for improved ADL relevant training

A force sensor allows the therapy to focus on finger sensitivity and force. It supports the training of ADL relevant functional tasks, e.g. the paretic arm supports the healthy arm’s task performance (e.g. when cutting vegetables etc.).

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