The Bi-Manu-Track is a proven therapy assisting device for highly paretic patients for repetitive training of wrist and forearm, i.e. flexion-extension, pro-supination. In line with the proven distal bilateral approach, the equipment comprises machines for highest possible stimulation intensity for hand and arm training for severely affected patients after stroke. Thanks to the ability to perform all exercises symmetrically or mirrored, the Bi-Manu-Track opens a broad range of applications. Amplitude, speed and resistance can also be easily adjusted to the needs and abilities of your patients.

Flexibility of the wrist

The guided movement stretches muscles and ligaments symmetrically. This reduces dyssynergies of antagonist and agonist which helps to improve flexibility of the wrist.

Spasticity reduction and increase of muscle strength and stamina

Frequent repetitions typically lead to a permanent reduction of muscle tonus. Freely adjustable resistance parameters allow to improve strength and stamina of patients.

Selective training of the affected arm

The bimanual approach allows a specific training of the affected arm which leads to an improved ability to move the arm in everyday life.

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