Press Release: Callis PRO Treadmills

Sprintex Treadmills introduces a new generation of Callis PRO, the most advanced slat-belt treadmill with significantly enhanced performance features, a new user interface and new biofeedback information.

Sprintex Trainingsgeraete GmbH manufactures high performance slat-belt treadmills since 1994 and has gained a reputation for top quality and performance treadmills for medical rehabilitation, motion analysis and sports/wellness applications.

Sprintex Trainingsgeraete GmbH, a leading provider and manufacturer for slat-belt treadmills announces the introduction of the next generation of Callis PRO treadmills for use in medical rehabilitation, motion analysis and high performance sports/wellness applications.

Callis treadmills are slat-belt treadmills that offer a unique natural gait and running experience based on an air-cushioned slat design that absorbs up to 90% of the impact while walking and running. A frictionless belt design ensures no slippage like in conventional treadmills and at the same time a low energy consumption. An enhanced speed control across all models provides stable low speed applications for impaired patients as well as stable high speed applications for athletes.

Now the Callis PRO generation will offer a new intuitive user interface with enhanced features such as user specific programs, goal oriented training and recording of the training exercise. A wealth of new options such as wider belts, high speed up to 18.5mph or 30 km/h, higher incline up to 25%, remote control, a safety option for home use and a new innovative biofeedback functionality complement the modular approach of today’s treadmill generation and make the Callis PRO the leading high performance slat-belt treadmill line for gait rehabilitation, motion analysis as well as sports and wellness activities.

“We are proud to introduce the next generation of our leading slat-belt treadmills with new advanced performance, safety and convenience features that offer enhanced value through a unique natural walking and running experience for our customers” said Waldemar Rauch, Managing Director of Sprintex Treadmills.

About the Company:
Sprintex was established in 1994 with a mission to develop high quality and performance slat-belt treadmills that effectively support patient rehabilitation training to regain their walking ability, advanced motion analysis applications with professional motion analysis systems such as MotionMetrix or professional athletes and hobby runners in their workouts for sports and wellness activities. “Specifically, we translate the technological progress and clinical and other professional experience gained in the past 28 years into robust high performance treadmills to serve our clients in the medical, motion analysis and sports fields.” said Waldemar Rauch, Managing Director of Sprintex Treadmills.

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Sprintex Trainingsgeraete GmbH is part of the Reha-Stim Medtec Group