Gait Training 

«Learning to walk by walking» – following the mantra of Prof. Dr. S. Hesse we offer a comprehensive gait studio comprising the next generation of the GT I and the unique 3-dimensional overground gait training system The FLOAT as well as a treadmill, all with adjustable BWS. The goal is to improve the ability of patients to relearn walking by repetitive and intensive training with flexible training programs in a safe environment.

Arm Training

Our portfolio offers a scientifically proven set of arm and hand therapy devices that assist therapists in the treatment of severely to moderately affected patients. Beside the Reha-Slide and Reha-Slide Duo, we also offer a set of Evaluation Methods for upper extremity rehabilitation. 

Know-how Library

The library offers studies, publications and articles about our devices. The gait and arm studio devices are based on broad based clinical studies to prove the benefits of our therapy assisting devices. Many of these studies can be found as multi-center studies in the Cochrane Library.

Therapy assisting systems from Reha-Stim Medtec for neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hesse and his team developed pioneering electromechanical and robotic devices to assist therapists in helping patients in their rehabilitation after stroke or incomplete paraplegia. Devices like the Gait Trainer GT I or the arm trainer Reha-Slide as well as the Reha-Slide Duo have been the first devices on the market. The unique new overground gait training system The FLOAT, developed in close collaboration with the Balgrist in Zurich, as well as the updates Gait Trainer GTII complete the comprehensive offering of therapy assisting devices for lower extremities to help increase therapy intensity with practical and easy-to-use devices for therapists and patients.


NEW: Virtual Reality Module

You can now add a Virtual Reality environment to your FLOAT system to further enhance the effectiveness of your gait therapy.

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